Concentric Variable Sound Exhaust- Sportsters

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About the Product
Concentric Variable Sound Exhaust(the sound output of the exhaust is adjustable)

Key differentiation: AeeDEA exhausts are purely acoustic and are not designed to change performance. Hence there will be no need to make any changes to the bike’s air intake, plugs or ECU mapping when you replace your stock exhaust with AeeDEA exhausts.

Comes only in all black colour

What is the purpose of the product?
Produce high base, well defined beat. AeeDEA’s Variable Sound Exhaust gives the rider the ability to increase and decrease the sound with a simple key, without any impact on performance.

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Made to Order


Please listen to this video with headphones on for better sound

Product specifications and features
The exhaust is designed keeping in mind engine’s stock volumetric efficiency. Our exhaust does not make difference to the bike performance in terms of pick up, mileage, top end RPM, throttle response.

With stock mapping our exhausts are able to give a deceleration pop. Which is a key sign of a well matched exhaust to your engine.
Even in variable sound exhaust the performance does not change regardless of the mode ( loud or low sound).

Unchanged performance in all sound modes

No changes or air filter mapping , just plug and play

All stainless steel construct

Heat resistant coating

Nothing else is required to be changed other than the exhaust we send.

Ride Safe Always!

Additional information

Bike Model

Custom 1200, Fortyeight 48, Iron 883, Roadster 1200


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