Street Bob 2018 – Forward Foot Control Kit

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About the Product
AeeDEA’s Forward foot controls are ergonomically and practically designed

What is the purpose of the product?
What does an FFC do?

1.Enables rider to stretch his/her feet forward, change gears and apply brake in a stretched position. The product gives higher level comfort with a more relaxed knee angle
2. Super comfortable for those long rides.
3. Gives you a 10 inch extension
4. Add heel shifter/ shoe protector for ease of gear change, boots are not ruined
5. You can use your existing footpegs for the kit but we STRONGLY RECOMMEND purchasing footboards for increased comfort. Click here

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Specifications and features:
Contents of the kit
1.Brake pedal
2.Gear lever
3.Brake shaft
4.Gear shaft
6.Connecting rods
7.Connecting levers
9.Heel shifter ( optional / recommended)
10.Foldable Rider Foot boards ( optional / recommended)

Unique features of out kit
1. Our foot boards are full size
2. Brake pedal is wider.
3. No exhaust relocation required even if you add footboards with the kit
4. We do not change the master cylinder push rod but we add on the same stick rod thus giving a stronger union, low backlash and ability to adjust the brake angle
5. We do not use casted brackets. Our brackets are machined out of solid virgin metal blocks
6. Also in our kit you can opt for angle adjustable footboards.
7. Neutral finding is extremely easy on our kit. Because we give the rider an ability to increase or decrease the leverage. With high leverage you can easily find neutral
8. We also make heel shifters.
9. Unlike competing kits our kit does not require you to open the crankcase cover and relocate the gear shifter close the hole left behind by the milled shaft.
10. All our stars and push ride are made of ss202 high strength so that further reduce backlash or bending while force transfer.
11. All brass and Teflon self lubricating bearing for all rotating parts

Happy Highway Riding !!

Additional information

Heel Shifter

With, Without


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