Pillion Footboards (Jumbo)- Sports Edition

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About the product:
Footboards to rest Pillion feet

Purpose of the product:
Footboard is both an aesthetic and comfort providing product.
They serve the purpose of pillion resting full foot on the board.
Reduce the amount of vibration felt by the pillion, and give an enhanced sense of contact with the motorcycle.

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Specification and Features:
1. Pillion mount footboards are approximately 220mm (L) X 100mm (W) X 12mm (H)
2. The footboards are made of high strength steel, precision machined mounts to suit
the bracket provided by the OEM
3. All foot boards are designed with a minimum ‘factor of safety’ FOS of 4.5 times, to
ensure long safe rides
4. All our footboards come with stainless steel skirting, for aesthetics and added strength
5. The grip rubber is high endurance long life compounded rubber
6. We offer 4 types of foot boards for mid mounts for rider which primarily differ in styling
a. Classic – the top portion of the footboard is completely covered with grip rubber
b. Sports – the foot board comes with rubber, metal and plastic billets for grip
c. Chrome Detail – the foot boards comes with a ss strip on the side for a beautiful accent with no compromise on the grip
d. Chrome Detail with LED – The foot board come with ss strip in the middle, and has an
embedded water proof LED which glows when the bike is switched on.
i. The rubber in this foot board is mounted on soft rubber bellows to significantly reduce the engine vibrations felt by the rider
7. All AeeDEA footboards are foldable
8. No product designed and developed by AeeDEA requires any modification to the

Ride Safe Always!

Additional information

Bike Model

Fatboy 2018, Fatboy Pre 2018


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