Street 750-Pillion Footrest Extender

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About the product:
Pillion footrest extenders

Purpose of the product:
In some bike models the distance of the foot rests from the seat is very less, thus forcing the pillion to sit with knees bent at uncomfortable angle. Foot rest extenders, extend the position of pillion footpegs, by 3 inches. Improving comfort for the pillion, by reducing the knee bending angle while sitting.

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Specifications and Features:
1. The product is made of high grade metal and thick gauge to bear the weight of pillion while mounting bike
2. The angle is designed such that pillion foot is placed slightly lower and slightly front to give maximum comfort
3. Laser cut to precision
4. Powder coated matte/glossy black
5. Easy to install

Ride Safe Always !

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Glossy Black, Matt Black


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