Street 750 – Touring Top Box

About the Product : Touring – Top Box

What is the purpose of the product?

Touring Top Box is a perfect option to store your stuff and give your pillion a super comfortable ride. The box comes attached with arm rest and backrest, makes it almost like a lounging experience for pillion, great for long rides. The box lets you store your bag/ helmet/ jacket/ riding gear. Match with side panniers to complete the look. Click here

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Made to Order

Made to Order



Specifications and features:
Approximate Measurements
Length 23 inches
Breadth 14 inches
Width 11 inches
54 litre capacity

Includes the following
1)Backrest (Upper and lower back support)
2) straight line LED setup
3) Mounting Rack
4) Inner mat
5) LED plugs for quick attachment
6) Concealed wiring

Add on Top Rack/ Grill
Find here


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