Street bob 2018- Rider Backrest- Snap on bike frame

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About the Product :
Rider Backrest – Snap on to bike frame

What is the purpose of the product?
Rider Backrest-Snap on to bike frame ,fits on to the bike frame without any modifications to the bike. It provides a sturdy back support for the rider. A robust back support brings down riding fatigue significantly and prevents back pain/soreness due to extensive riding

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Specifications and features
• The product is adjustable for height, tilt and front/back.
• The kit includes frame mounts, curved connecting rod and adjustable back pad
• Works perfectly with stock seat
• Leatherite Cushion/ pad ergonomically tilts as per position of the back with help of adjusting bolts provided
• No changes to be made to seat or frame of the bike
• Cushion/ pad sizes available
• We use high grade steel for all our backrests
• All laser cut to precision
• Product is powder coated/ chromed with best in class process (we do not paint the product)
• Option to cover the Back of the backrest with leatherite cover

Watch functionality video below

Ride Safe Always !

Additional information


Chrome, Glossy Black, Matt Black


Covered Back, Exposed Back

Backrest Pad Size

Medium Pad Size, Large Pad Size


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    The pricing above does not include Taxes / Shipping / packaging
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