Street Rod – Long Haul Full Seat

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About The Product
AeeDEA’s Long Haul Deep Resting Full Seat can be purchased with or without integrated rider backrest

What is the purpose of the product?
1.With our unique ‘bucket design’ your city and highway rides will be super comfortable
2.Added space and width for pillion makes it a pleasure to sit behind
3.As always, we use best quality leatherite and foam, all hand crafted with double stitching and personal attention given to each piece.
4.Gel pads can be added for extra comfort
5.Rider backrest (optional but recommended) further supports your back. Click here

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Specifications and Features
Seat Features

Our seats are designed for functionality so we have something called bucket design .
1. Rider slips into deepest part of seat thereby giving you lumbar support.
2.Seat is curved around hip area for added comfort
3. Our seat is much wider than stock
4 .Lots more cushioning
5.Wider and more cushioning for pillion too
6. We use fibre reinforced plastic with carbon fibre for our seat plates
7. Gel pad adds to comfort, reduces pressure points, good for long rides

Ride Safe Always!

Additional information

Gel Pad for Rider

No Gel, Yes Gel


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