Variable Height Bike Raiser – Fat Bob Pre 2018

About The Product:
AeeDEA presents ‘Variable Height Bike Raisers. IT IS NOT A FORK STUB (which is banned in many countries)


What is the purpose of the product?
This product gives the rider the ability to increase and decrease the ground clearance of the vehicle at will.

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Made to Order

Made to Order



Specifications and Features:
1. One of our most innovative and patented products based on a conventional, simple yet underutilized concept of a screw jack.
2. With higher clamp area then stock triple T.
3. Height adjustment can be done in less than 5 minutes.
4. Raising the bike from front enhances the handling and stability of the bike.
5. Our design is non-intrusive design – our design does not warrant opening of shock absorber assembly.
6. Tried and tested on treacherous terrains like Leh-Ladak, precision machined, optimized for weight and strength.
7. We also make Rear Bike height raisers.

Raises the height between:
• Street 750 – 28 to 65 mm
• Speed Master – 28 to 65 mm
• Fatboy 2018 onwards- 48-75 mm
• Custom 1200, Iron 883, Sportster 48, Superlow – 28mm to 65 mm
• Street Bob 2018 – 35mm to 65 mm
• Fatbob Pre 2018 – 35mm to 65 mm

Our raisers are not a fork stubs. As a company we believe in engineering principles, and rider’s safety is paramount for us. Fork stubs are extenders which get screwed on to the internal threading (which holds the fork hydraulic cap) on fork. This threading on the fork is essentially designed to contain the hydraulic pressure (i.e. the fine pitch with low threading depth). This type of threading SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR CONTAINING BENDING STRESS generated by a fork stub. As product fork stubs are banned in many countries after riders have lost lives, after the fork breaking at the point where the stub mates the forks.

Ride Safe Always!

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