Front Mudslinger- Fatboy 2018 and post

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About the product:
Mudslinger for front tyre

Purpose of the product:
• Mudslinger for the front tyre, arrests muck/mud/dirty water from the road. Does not allow it to hit the bike’s radiator and to great extent the rider’s legs

• It is must have accessory for bikes which have chopped front fenders, especially during rainy season.

• The mud stuck on the radiator fins, significantly impacts the ability to cool the engine.

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Specification and features of the product?
• The product can be adjusted for radial position, front and back and tilt. The product is available in FRP ( Fibre reinforced Plastic) Flap/ Aluminum heavy duty flap. (depending on bike models)

• The kit includes high grade hardware, and meticulously designed METAL brackets to very effectively cut the slush picked up by the tyre.

• Product is powder coated/ chromed with best in class process

• No changes to be made to the frame of the bike

• All laser cut to precision

Ride Safe Always!

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Chrome, Glossy Black, Matt Black


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